Portable Lamps


  • Company
    Lake + Wells
  • Lead Designer
    Mark Kinsley
  • Other Credit
    LINK Outdoor
  • Other Designer(s)
    Marc Kurlander
  • Categories
    Winner in Portable Lamps
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Vessel is designed for gathering. Capturing the primal ring of fire in a single machined sculpture, Vessel harnesses the bonfire glow for the table at the center of the home or garden for the ritual sharing of wisdom, stories, and time.

Vessel is precision machined from solid aluminum and anodized with a rich satin black or plated with brass and finished in a hand patina. Each fixture is 27" x 6" x 3" and features integrated LED, powered by an internal rechargeable battery.

Vessel is a part of the new Passages Collection - a series of 5 portable outdoor lamps inspired by movement from one place to another, whether between worlds or spaces, legendary or momentary, solitary or tribal, from darkness to light. Both exploring and collapsing the boundary between the outdoors and the in, Passages marries the familiar warmth and luxury of the indoors with the ethereal and evocative spirit of the outdoors. Designed for behaviors and movements within and across spaces more than particular places, the entire collection is portable and cordless for both indoor and light outdoor use.