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Magnetic Profiles - Splitline and Shiftline

Prize(s) Winners in Track Lighting
Company Delta Light
Lead Designers Delta Light
Project Location USA
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Entry Description
As the SPLITLINE profiles are recessed, they can be interpreted in very varied ways, depending on what the space needs, both functionally and in terms of design. Flexible led modules for accent lighting, LED lines for general light, or high-power led modules for an extra-powerful solution.
The Splitline M profiles allow you to take it even a step further, offering the flexibility to change your lighting set-up to your prefered settings. Within Splitline M20 and M52, all light modules are installed magnetically into the profile.
SHIFTLINE M26 is the surface mounted variant of Splitline M20, ideal when recessed mounting is not an option. Spot modules - in different sizes, designs and lumen packages - can be combined with linear LED lighting or pendant modules, giving you loads of possibilities to create your own ideal lighting scene.
The higher version of our Shiftline M26 creates extra possibilities in terms of functionality, as the profile allows for a combination of modules for direct lighting with linear modules for indirect lighting. To break the linearity of the Shiftline M26 H, 2 curved corners are available to go from a straight lighting pattern to a free-form lighting setup
Company Description
At Delta Light – a Belgian family business – we design and manufacture architectural lighting and collaborate with architects, designers, contractors and investors to integrate light into their projects. We have been doing this through a global network since 1989, working on small and large scale houses, hotels, offices, public buildings, retail and hospitality environments.