Conceptual Project/In Development / Interior Architectural Illumination

Interior Lighting - Office, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Lead Designer
    Swathi Madhi
  • Other Designer(s)
    Luca Gregorini, Micaela Malusa
  • Categories
    Winner in Conceptual Project/In Development / Interior Architectural Illumination
  • Level
  • Location
    Milan, Italy

The Northern lights, one of several astronomical phenomena are shafts of colored light visible on occasion in the night sky in Sweden. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian architecture and the natural phenomenon of Northern lights and its curves, the lighting of this project is designed. It adds a sense of direction to the visitors to lead further inside. The Lighting project for the office building in Stockholm, Sweden, aims to define a new lighting experience to the visitor, who will be guided through various zones which are characterized by a different activity. Starting from the territory analysis, the climate and colors are analyzed to influence the project. Natural light is used utmost and is integrated with artificial light to bring the ‘exterior’ inside to the places that do not receive natural light. All the lighting in the building is designed to emit light only from above, mimicking mother nature, as the building does not get natural light throughout the year in Sweden. The lighting design is kept minimal and made sure that the lighting fixtures are customized accordingly, to keep the sinuous lines of the project, which are coherent to sing along with the interiors.