Light Art Project


  • Company
    UxU Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Ying Chu Chen & Kuan Hung Chen
  • Categories
    Winner in Light Art Project
  • Location
    Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Light is an extension of human desires. Humans’ strong desire for light has carried us through countless lighting technology revolutions, from fire, oil to electricity. The artwork “Desire” uses the red lip composed of lights to represent desires, with light being the medium of ideas and messages. It explores the question of whether or not desires facilitate civilization and bring more danger or harm as well.
A big red lip composed of lights is the most direct symbol of our psychological and physical desire, revealing our belief that light is an extension of human desires. Every flashing red light spot of the big red lip is a warning light. The red light emitted by the warning lights and their flashing mode are deeply ingrained messages of “danger!” and “attention!” in our brains. Are we still going to feel a sense of danger? Or is this the case where the more dangerous something seems, the more we wish to find out what that is all about? If we turn to look at the side of the artwork, the lights will form a heartbeat line, which conveys yet another desire-related message, i.e. when we are faced with desires, it is never a tranquil experience.