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Qionghai Lake 17° General Hall Hotel

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Beijing Puri Lighting Design
Lead Designers Fang Hu
Completion Date 06/2019-06/2020
Project Location Xichang
Entry Description
The original site was the former residence of Liu Xiangzhi, an official in the Qing Dynasty. After a hundred years, it tells the history of the past in the halo and precipitation of time.
The lighting design strives to create a subtle and restrained, yet prominent light environment. The lighting method of brightening the cavity in ??the ancient house highlights the unique cavity decoration design in the building structure. The color temperature is colored by warm white light, which not only restores the color texture of the building itself, but also strengthens the modeling arc of the gable part of traditional Chinese architecture.
The lighting of the extension area continues the design of the overall light environment, focusing on the facade lighting. The combination of various lighting methods such as dots, lines and planes will show the architectural form vividly.
The promenade part is different from the traditional one, and the linear lighting of the facade is mostly used to provide functional lighting for the moving lines, so that the traditional and elegant architecture also contains a bright modern temperament.
Company Description
Beijing Purilighting Company, at the establishment of 2010, is a professional consulting company specialized in light environment research, serving in many lighting professional fields such as architectural lighting design, indoor lighting design, landscape lighting design, urban lighting planning, etc., and providing professional light environment consulting services to customers.

Purilighting has always been based on the idea of creating a high-grade light environment and has won many international and domestic lighting design awards such as Asian Lighting Design Award and China Lighting