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Xi’an Silk Road International Conference Center

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company Toryo International
Lead Designers Dongliang Xu
Other Designer's names Heping Wu, Nailiang Shi, Yong Jie, Li Yuan, Zhiyu Chen, Shiling Han
Other Credits Photo by Hongyi Lou
Project Location Euro-Asia Economic Comprehensive Park in Chanba Ecological District
Entry Description
Xi’an Silk Road International Conference Center is located on the right bank of Bahe River in the northeast of Xi’an city. It looks like a crescent hanging above the Bahe River. The concave edge’s lighting adopts a 5000K color temperature to highlight a slim and graceful design of the crescent that emits pure light. Lights are arranged along the glass curtain wall, and the indoor lighting and cornice lighting blend into an integral whole. At night, the whole building glows from inside to outside, just like a moonbox. The lighting of the convex edge lights up the ground and makes the structure seem afloat with a 4000K color temperature that works in concert with the indoor lighting to form an open and friendly entrance space.