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Lighting for a Boulevard of Arts in Dnipro city

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Other Designer's names Architects Dmytro Volyk, Ksenia Donetska
Completion Date August 2020
Project Location Dnipro, Ukraine
Entry Description
The boulevard is being built downtown, closely to theaters and art sites, and is set to become a new creative cluster.
With light, we form a space for creative people to create.
We provide the boulevard with non-intensive "art" light, courteous, and non-flooding. As if in the performance hall, the general lighting is unsaturated and able to change the intensity and shades of light according to different events on this "stage." At the same time, the individual elements and zones are accent.
The dominant supports made of corten steel will give the "scenic" narrow-beam light. Crafted perforated lamps will be spread over the entire boulevard on carrier cables. For them, we are creating special lenses that will give good caustic waves to the pedestrian plane. With the help of gobo projectors, we will complement the atmosphere with light projections reflecting the creative professions.
And every passer-by will be literally able to feel himself or herself a creator thanks to our interactive media screen. With the help of projection technologies, anyone will get a chance to create paintings or sculptures on a large surface, or to be an orchestra conductor.
Company Description
The lighting company with 19 years of lighting experience
Professionals with MA in Lighting Design
We provide a full range of quality services in the sphere of lighting, taking care of all the research and development, providing customers with aesthetically pleasing and optimal solutions.

Our experience is more than 1500 large- and medium-scale completed projects, both in Ukraine and abroad.

The public facilities that we work with become pearls of cities, while private houses and apartments are the pride of their owners.