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Wessels plass, Oslo

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Zenisk AS
Lead Designers Kristin Bredal, Natasa Rajic Friederichs
Completion Date 1.6.2020
Project Location Oslo, Norway
Entry Description
Wessels plass is a square in Oslo located in the heart of the city, next to the Norwegian Parliament. In 2016, Zenisk, Dronninga Landscape and Structor Engineering were appointed by the Parlament to redesign the square.
The task was to revitalize the area with focus on security, integrated in attractive design and taking into consideration the strict heritage preservation requirements in the historical setting. The area around Wessels plass has high status and strong identity enclosed by the Parliament and other beautiful historical buildings.

The goal for lighting was to enhance status by specifically addressing the surrounding facades creating a three-dimensional space, and express historical identity within through the choice of equipment and the mood created. Timeless elegance was the keyword for the design concept.
Strict lighting requirements made this an embroidery of light levels carefully assigned to each task and the overall concept. This was made possible by separating the numerous functions in two main layers, represented by two different mast types: custom-designed masts with decorative lanterns on top and slim multifunctional masts for technical equipment.