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China Resources Tower Lobby

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Brandston Partnership Inc.
Lead Designers Chiming Lin, Eunjeong Wang, Dandan Lin
Other Designer's names Chou Lien, Weina Lv, Zixuen Weng, Zefeng Lin,
Other Credits Design Architect: KPF
Completion Date 2019/06
Project Location Shenzhen, China
Entry Description
Beauty and strength are entwined within the lobby, creating a harmony of radiance and brilliance. The structure, enhanced by the illuminated interior features, reveals the strength and solidity of the tower base. Lighting systems, integrated within the architectural details, express a glow from interior to exterior.
Illumination for this lobby reveals the massive cube like core and multifaceted circular ceiling. The lighting defines the delicate shapes and modern materials while contrasting against the sculptural fa├žade. The blending of materials provides a warm and welcoming entrance into an impressive structure.
To keep surfaces lit quietly, a study of opposite versus adjacent was applied. For the flawless expression, ceiling and wall surfaces are illuminated through projected light from the curtain wall. Ambience is achieved through recessed lighting aligning the angular ceiling edges. A linear grazer provides a visual horizon between the ceiling and wall.
All lighting systems are utilizing efficient and dimmable LED systems. To achieve maximum energy savings, while maintaining safety and security, a lighting control system reduces output with dimming set up from 9pm until dawn.