Interior Architectural Illumination

Red Plum Culture and Creative Park-1#&16# Interior

  • Company
    RDesign International Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Guji Hu&Raymond Lee&Yuko Wong
  • Categories
    Winner in Interior Architectural Illumination
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Red Plum Culture and Creative Park had 13 buildings,the interior lighting design scope was for 2 Feature buildings,building 1 is the live performance area and building 16 is the main art gallery.
Building #1 stands in the southeast corner of the park,adjacent to the streets.It is the old shipping warehouse with a train track and platform next to it.It is deigned to host large live performances, and allow large numbers of people to gather to experience a colourful cultural showcase.
Building #16 is the most important building in the complex.It was the location of the main production plant that produced MSG.The main production space was divided onto two levels to form two galleries.Two of the original silos were kept in place and can be seen from both levels.The original stone walls columns and barrel vault ceiling were all kept.The lighting system was located at the underside of the main beams,3 systems were installed, firs the exhibit track lighting and general lighting,linear uplight was also added to uplight the side beams.The rest of the galleries used tack lighting with adjustable spotlight for the artwork and linear fittings for general lighting.