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Airport Terminal Expansion

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company AES Engineering
Lead Designers Pelle Björnert
Other Credits Photographer: Andrew Latreille
Completion Date 2018 - January 2020
Project Location Nanaimo, BC
Entry Description

This airport expansion added new spaces with contemporary architecture and bold geometry. The interaction of the architecture and lighting was an obstacle to achieving a minimal, scalable, and complementary aesthetic.
Repetitive ceiling geometry creates a modular element that supports planned future expansion. Lighting layouts augment the visual cues while the fixtures echo the unique geometry of the ceiling vaults. The lighting enhances the space by blending contrasting elements, calming accents, and uniform function with a single fixture. Zone control, continuous dimming, timers, and daylight/occupant sensors provide manual and automated control.
Uninterrupted, illuminated elements allow fixtures to complement ceiling vaults. Remote drivers and aircraft cables create the appearance of a floating illumination source. Custom drivers allow the fixtures to be spaced with architectural elements while providing uniform contrast ratios. Semi-recessed edge-lit optics within the fixtures reduce the visual impact of the source, while up-lighting softens the fixtures’ presence. Functional and aesthetic performance is achieved while connecting 48% less power than stipulated by ASHRAE 90.1.