Exhibition Booth Lighting


  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Dennis Lok
  • Other Credit
    EMAC Constructions
  • Other Designer(s)
    Somesh Kaushal, Susan Hardjono
  • Categories
    Winner in Exhibition Booth Lighting
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia

For DENFAIR 2.0 design exhibition, ambience created the Symphony sculptural installation (shown virtually this year because of Covid-19). Due to the pandemic the display called for an exceptional creative, technical and production response.

The creative vision was to create attendee interest by producing a booth area showcasing a series of music-inspired light sculptures using products from ambience's Symphony linear lighting range.

The experience directs the viewer down a luminaire-bookended path and culminates with the linear sculptures and original artwork lightbox.

Music as a thematic element was interpreted into sculptural forms. Ranging from the obvious to the abstract; the triangle, the stave and the pause/play control icons. The three dimensional collection was a marriage between metal and intricate original custom joiners & brackets (produced using a 3D printer). Lighting was precise, with no light leak or dark spots. The fixtures were displayed under an illuminated stretched fabric designed to emit a wide beam of light that best represented the colour values of natural light.

The Symphony booth display was quite the productive feat in new ground for all involved.