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Holmegaard Værk

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Lightscapes Aps
Lead Designers Iben Winther Orton
Other Credits Museum South East Denmark
Completion Date June 2020
Project Location Holmegaard, Denmark
Entry Description

Holmegaard Værk, once home to generations of glassworkers, is now reimagined as a museum and home to Scandinavia’s largest glass and ceramics collection. With dust left undisturbed on the machinery, visitors sense the ghosts of former factory workers.

Daylight is the primary light source, supplemented by LED white and coloured electric light. Both are active creative elements. The transition from natural light to white and coloured LED light adds an intense yet natural animating experience to the gallery.

The designed flow and gentle transitions between LED lit, dark or strongly sunlit or diffuse daylit rooms, creates rhythm and a powerful dynamic. The design plays extensively with old virtues like brightness contrast and colour contrast. Sensitivity to the intensity of light and saturation of colour each material can absorb is key. Light and shadow are composed to modulate, give form and contrast.

Lighting 200 years of glass and ceramics, the design tells two interwoven stories. The history of glass and ceramic craftsmanship, and the atmospheric site itself. The exhibits are staged both individually and in this specific context, in colour and materials within light and shadow.
Company Description

Professional, impartial architectural lighting design consultancy