Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition

Museum Goldkammer, Frankfurt

  • Company
    Licht Kunst Licht AG
  • Lead Designer
    Konstantin Klaas
  • Categories
    Winner in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
  • Location
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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In May 2019, the Goldkammer Frankfurt opened its doors after four years of design, planning and construction as one of the most modern museums in Europe. In a succession of spectacular underground tunnels and vaults covering 480 sqm, the exhibition designers have created a suitable interior design for the various themes of the 500 gold exhibits.
Due to the special structural requirements, small exhibition spaces were created, which, through their refined lighting, appear more spacious than they are.
The lighting underlines the dramatic composition of the exhibition concept by emphasizing the exhibits with integrated lighting elements in an unobtrusive manner.