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DEEJ Visitor Center

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company LEOX design partnership
Lead Designers Meng Cao, Peng Huang
Completion Date 2015 - 2017
Project Location Dong'E, Shandong, China
Entry Description
The project DEEJ Visitor Center is located in Shandong, China.

The decorative grille on the facade has three different orientations. There are various and interesting relationships between light and shadow. With changing daylight, it will not only bring a surprising flashing visual effect to the drivers; but will offer a comfortable sense of space extension to the pedestrians also.

When the night falls, the honeycomb-shaped curtain wall will be gracefully smudged by lights, and each facade unit will be given a new life. The fa├žade units provide visitors in this space with a transparent, bright, concise and orderly experience.

The integration of artistic lighting also puts a magical color-coat on the building at night. Under the premise of satisfying the functional lighting of buildings, the art of lighting design and architecture design are ideally combined, and the changeable colors provide visitors with a more varied lighting space experience.

In general, the lighting system adopts three-level control: weekdays, festivals and major holidays. For instance, in weekdays the brightness is reduced by 50%, and the light is turned on at intervals to reduce the energy consumption.