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SPH Zhongxi Offcie Building Renewal Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Agricultural Lighting
Company Poetry Vision & Art Design
Lead Designers Jiang XueLian,Yang Yun
Completion Date 2019-2020
Project Location Shanghai
Entry Description
SPH Zhongxi C0.,Ltd.,a company with a history of over a century,renovated its plant in 2019.A layer of wavy perforated mesh was added to the existing façade of the main office building,so that people can have a general idea about the structure of the original building,which now takes on an overall modern look.Making use of the two contrasting external layers, the lighting design adopted glancing technique at the outer perforated mesh to highlight integrity and texture of the building.On the inner layer,architectural elements of the columns are stressed to highlight the dimensions and features of the original façade.Through overlapping light and shadow both inside and outside, together with blue–the company's logo color–for rendering,the past and present of the building are merged as a whole.
Another feature in the renovation is the existing fire prevention pond,which is transformed into a cascade landscape with a fountain.Meanwhile,a ring-shaped corridor is set up with perforated window panes in the periphery.The top of the corridor and the walls are presented with internal lights while the star-shaped light patterns are projected to the ground,creating a surreal artistic feel.