• Company
    CLL . Concept Lighting Lab
  • Lead Designer
    Claudia Kappl Joy
  • Categories
    Winner in Daylighting
  • Location
    Mexico City, Mexico

Tucked into the Polanco neighborhood of CDMX, the apartment is situated at the top 2 floors of an urban infill City Block, enclosed by residential buildings to 3 sides.
The material palette is minimal and restrained. Informed by the local building traditions and craft culture, cast in place board-formed concrete also is finish surface with an intentional variation of the board dept, which results in a modulated texture of the walls, softening the presence of the massing when grazed by light.
It is protrusion by three lightwells to each orientation that offers the luxury of daylight from two, in some cases even from three directions. Thru this, the inner city apartment is filled with sun and daylight of the wells. Light and Landscape with distinct plantings define the character of each court. Custom Steel Casement Windows draw from local window traditions and allow for manual operation. A private roof terrace offers uninterrupted city views of the Megalopolis. Bathrooms, which adjacent to light-wells have frosted film for privacy. The Electrical lighting acts in balance with the daylight. Cast in concrete reveals establish locations for all tracks, curtains and light.