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Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
Company ILWT
Lead Designers Miguel Vega / Juskani Alonso
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Entry Description

Inspired by the 1927 film Metropolis of Fritz Lang, Metropol is a stunning restaurant and project from Juskani Alonso Estudio Lighting design by ILWT created for Millesime GNP.

Made from 3D prints, the space represents the materiality and depth of the city through lights and shadows. Different elements of the movie can be seen throughout including the movies’ buildings on the walls. The Garden of Eden flower centerpieces pay homage to the expressionism seen in the film.

To create this, the main challenges included defining a concept that will transform the narrative into a space, shaping that space with design and furniture reminiscent of the film’s history and aesthetic and finally, articulating the collaborator’s talent to result in a fleeting experience.

Maria, the robot on the film, reinterpreted by ILWT as the "lightgiver" to the people in order to make the rebellion against de system, was conceptualized as the light giver for the restaurant also, these stainless steel fixtures on the tables were designed specially for this restaurant, and together with the dimmable LED strips give the ambience of the catacombs of the city where Lang imagined life was going to happen.
Company Description

We are a mexican lighting design firm that for 6 years have worked with many well known architects and interior designers to work together as an aesthetic and functional complement for their concepts and development of their designs. Our work is based in the use of lighting as a fundamental part of architectural design on generating comfortable atmospheres talking about aesthetics, functionality and energy consumption.