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Custom Illuminated Video Wall

Prize(s) Winners in Healthcare Lighting
Company Gpi Design
Lead Designers Thomas Lawrence
Completion Date June 22, 2020
Project Location University Hospitals, Cleveland, Ohio
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Entry Description

University Hospitals’ newly renovated inpatient oncology unit features a custom video wall that encourages interaction and healing. At the Angie Fowler Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer on the 7th floor of Horwitz Tower, patients who are undergoing treatment and stay for up to six months will have access to protective environments, family gathering areas, kitchen, teen area, and child play areas in the unit. In the curved corridor that graces the floor entrance and links these spaces, GPI Design designed and installed a glass video wall which runs on a time clock to automatically display abstract imagery of nature, special holidays, and soothing scenes. Patients and visitors can trigger different scenes on the wall by specialty motion sensors, prompting a waving hand or smiley face to greet the approaching person. The end result is sleek, clean feature wall that not only creates stunning visuals, but also encourages healing, promotes imagination, and adds aesthetic value to the space.