Fashion Lighting Design

Ainslie and Monaro Malls

  • Company
    SEAM Design
  • Lead Designer
    Marci Song
  • Other Designer(s)
    Alvin Cousins
  • Categories
    Winner in Fashion Lighting Design
  • Location
    Canberra, Australia

Re-kindling the lost allure of Australia’s ageing suburban retail developments requires extensive architectural changes and architectural lighting rethink inspired by mid-century aesthetics.
This design scheme includes restoring and redeveloping the historic 1963 centre, housing both Ainslie and Monaro Malls, with a new masterplan and newly designed facades, interiors and exterior spaces. Lighting is carefully integrated within both new and existing architectural elements celebrating the new modernist design by Universal Design Studio. Harking back to 1950s and ‘60s lighting influences of simple yet bold shapes, the lighting language of illumination, hidden luminaires within architectural details, and use of metal finishes thread together three main designed environments, connecting Ainslie Mall, Monaro Mall and the flagship Beauty Precinct as a new shopping experience in Canberra.
UDS and SEAM’s collaboration insured that light was integrated into project details that make light inseparable from the architectural aesthetic. Bright and attractive, modern lighting technology showcases textures and quality of surfaces contributing to the overall sense of quality and delight.