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Hiding House

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting
Company Gradient Lighting Design
Lead Designers Chenlu Zhang
Other Credits Architect: Ting Yu, Zhilin Mu, Zongze Li
Completion Date 2017-2020
Project Location Shanghai, China
Entry Description
A house with a black courtyard called the hiding house. It is home with a small museum, a library, a showroom, a clubhouse. The building was a record of history and memory. In the hiding house, the boundaries between private and public is blurred. The living room, also a library, was ritualistic and connected to the views through the window. The abandoned fireplace and gate became a silent record of history in this project. Black was a perfect color to emphasize green trees and the white House. Various indirect lighting and cove light systems are used throughout the project. We tried to create warm and cozy while delicate lighting for our client. Very few downlights can be seen in this house, while linear lighting are used a lot, because no highlight and contrast is needed. Even in the courtyard, lights are hidden and soft. The interior and exterior can interact well with each other at night, with no strong reflection on the glass from any side. Some dramatic lighting can be found such as the girl’s room, which is called “blue galaxy” and used as jewelry showroom. And the indirect ring light on the exterior wall has its reflection in the small water pond and feel like a full moon.