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The Bridge House

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting
Company MAW desain
Lead Designers Mario Widagdo
Completion Date December 2019
Project Location Jogjakarta
Entry Description
The Bridge House is located in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Owner and architect of this house was inspired to create a residence that flows with space. This concept is also what lighting designer brings in designing lighting in this house. Entering the house area, The old 1947 steel bridge is highlighted by illuminating the structure so that it reveals its figure. Foyer welcomes the guests with a play of light on the mirror and artwork that displays its own dimensions of space. The exterior of the main building was deliberately left dark so that the skull artwork at the end of the wooden bridge that connects the main house and foyer area became the main focus. The rays on the trees and the surrounding support the atmosphere.The play of light and shadow is the main thing that lighting designer pay attention to. In the interior, track lights are used in the living room to accommodate the owner's love of art, thereby creating flexibility in the use of the room. Bedroom, bathroom and outdoor shower lighting is designed both to meet functional needs and also to create a warm atmosphere for its users. Dimmer system is used in the interior area to create different ambiance based on occasion.
Company Description
We are independent lighting design company based in Surabaya and Jakarta.