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Social Security Hospital of Abadan

Prize(s) Winners in Conceptual Project/In Development
Company Formalumen Studio
Lead Designers Peyvand Nedaei
Other Designer's names Keivan Esmaeily Ghayoumabadi
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Abadan- Iran
Entry Description
The project is a new 170beds capacity hospital construction located in total area of 3500 square meter in south east of Abadan, a southern city of Iran.
The impact of hospital atmosphere on people who involve with and the healthcare procedures is very important. Hence, the lighting design plays critical effect on people to feel more comfortable, calm and reliable space.
The building is situated in the large size lot, in Abadan city, with sky as a background without any other tall buildings around. South of Iran is popular with amazing night and beautiful clear sky full of stars.
The form of this multi-façade gives us the opportunity to develop the sky on the building then it can adapt to the context and make unique and peaceful space.
The prime objective for client was the building to behold from far distance. Furthermore, the energy consumption and lighting pollution were two critical issues for us. Referring these factors and the concept, we spread some lightened point on the façade considering the patient room windows to avoid the annoying light enter the room during the night. The other level of façade though the function and level of presence are well programmed to illuminate