Theater Performance Design

The Amen Corner

  • Company
    Honoré Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Adam Honoré
  • Categories
    Winner in Theater Performance Design
  • Location
    Shakespeare Theatre Company, Washington D.C.
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James Baldwin’s 'The Amen Corner' tackles the role of the church in the Black community. Set within a storefront church, an apartment, and the streets of Harlem, the design of this play brings an operatic quality to the words of Baldwin. Transcending expectations, the lighting of this production supports the emotion deep within the text which in turn created the world for each of the characters to exist in.

"The production’s lighting designer deserves his own standing ovation. Honoré manages to separate the static set of the combined church and apartment with subtle shading and gives the effect of a long church service with early golden hour light that morphs into a bright, white afternoon."-Leigh Giangreco, The DCist (Review)

THE AMEN CORNER (James Baldwin)
Shakespeare Theatre Company, DC
Directed by Whitney White
Scenic Design by Daniel Soule
Costume Design by Andy Jean
Sound Design by Broken Chord
Lighting Design by Adam Honoré