Workplace Lighting

Comcast Innovation and Technology Center

  • Company
    Tillotson Design Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Suzan Tillotson/Erin Dreyfous/Scott BailieHinojosa
  • Categories
    Winner in Workplace Lighting
  • Location
    United States

From its base to its lantern, the design was guided by the principles and potential for technological progress. The Wintergarden's timber-wrapped hull is warmly highlighted by a grid of low-glare downlights and perimeter mono-point wallwashers. Daylight sensors assist in modulating light levels to improve consistency throughout the space.

At night, the building glows from within featuring its bustling activity. In the lower half of the tower, open office space deploys linear pendants optimized with direct and indirect optics that efficiently and evenly illuminate the office, helping the project achieve LEED Platinum. Main Street corridors have individual identities and connect occupants to public spaces. Town Hall features a backlit wall that curves around the amphitheater equipped with a lighting system capable of hosting numerous types of gatherings.

From the outside the most distinguishing element is the Blade. To achieve the consistently luminous effect, linear grazers are embedded in the mullions and positioned to wash the dot-fritted glass. An indirect cove at each floor softly uplights its soffit to create a homogenous interior glow and signature presence in the skyline.