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Hypocam House

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting
Company Gradient Lighting Design
Lead Designers Chenlu Zhang
Other Credits Architect: Ting Yu, Yuchen Guo, Liran Sun
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Shanghai, China
Entry Description
This project is located in the heart of Shanghai as a home office and gallery. Given the fact that no structure was allowed to be modified as a historical reserved house, color is used as the independent and unique basic element to shape the spatial texture. Architect used different textures and depths of black and white as a set of relationships as the main color of the house, as well as the tone, line, contrast, and contrast between light and dark may be a choice to shape the space. In corresponding to the architecture, color temperature from 2700K to 4000K had been applied throughout the spaces. Various light fittings had been used in this project to match different room function and ambience, such as a well-connected light well, a galley without a gap, and a three-open office area with a line of sight. For example, direct and indirect pendent fixtures provide soft ambient light while enough lux for wok with automatic color temperature changing system; decorative pendent welcomes all staff and clients at reception room; hidden wall uplight make the corridor a soft transit area; Ingrade uplight softly highlight the eight blue arch with anti-glare protection etc.