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City of Light

Prize(s) Winners in Community Building Lighting
Company Kris Lin International Design
Lead Designers Kris Lin
Completion Date 2019.4
Project Location Shanghai,China
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Entry Description
The designer applies the natural element of “water” to the design of the building through the study of the geographical environment where the project is faced with water.

The designer combines curves with geometric shapes to create a streamlined architecture with a sense of technology and future, breaking the traditional concept of Founder architecture, incorporating streamlined fashion design into the architectural design, making the building full of rhythm and modern aesthetics like ocean waves.

The streamlined texture of the metal creates an exquisite and intimate atmosphere. With the smart design of the LED strip, it shows a simple and fashionable space temperament. The design of the modern art aesthetics hall and multiple functionally interactive spaces with people and culture presents the contemporary humanistic fashion atmosphere.
Company Description
CNAM obtained a master's degree in architectural management from France. In 2001, (KLID) Kris Lin International Design office was founded in Shanghai, dedicated to the field of architectural interior space design. In 2006, he published a collection of his personal works, "KLID vision".
Engaged in professional design for 20 years, has been committed to architectural design, interior design and landscape design of continuous research and innovation. Always adhere to the original, KLID all projects are personally design by Kris Lin. In the international major professional design competition has r