Community Building Lighting

Chongqing Guo Tai Arts Center  Lighting Design

  • Company
    brandston partnership inc
  • Lead Designer
    Sony Wang ,Qiangning Jiang, Hong Peng
  • Categories
    Winner in Community Building Lighting
  • Location
    Shanghai, China

Chongqing Guo Tai Arts Center in Jiefangbei CBD, Yuzhong District, is located in the encirclement among Linjiang Branch Road, Jiangjia lane, Qingnian Rd and Zou Rong Rd, Chongqing, which was designed by China Architecture Design & Research Group in late 2007 and put into use in 2013. In 2018, the case was entrusted by the Client of Chongqing Yuzhong District Management Committee to carry out renovation and upgrading design for the facade lighting of Arts Center, Guo Tai Plaza landscape area, and the historical buildings of China UK Liaison Office.