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Lighting of Tammerkoski Rapids

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company WhiteNight Lighting Oy
Lead Designers Arto Heiskanen & WhiteNight Lighting team
Other Designer's names Pentti Putaja & LiCon-AT team
Other Credits Pentti Putaja & LiCon-AT team
Completion Date 2016 - 2020
Project Location Tampere, Finland
Entry Description
One of the most iconic cityscapes in Finland, Tammerkoski rapids recount nearly 250 years of Finnish industrial history. Lined with monumental factories and other landmark buildings, the design team’s assignment was to rethink, modernize and expand upon the outdated 1980s lighting adorning this kilometer-long waterway that is the very essence of Tampere.

Since most of the buildings along the rapids – as well as the area as a whole – are historic landmarks protected by law, is was crucial that the lighting wasn’t too dominant, overpowering the treasured vista. Thus focusing on refined rather than flamboyant design choices, each structure was subtly highlighted in a way that best complimented its distinctive characteristics, allowing the venerable buildings to tell their own stories. At the same time, great care was taken to accentuate the three-dimensionality of the rugged stone and brick surfaces.

The perpetual motion of water, cadenced by its dynamic shifts from majestically rolling rivers to tranquil reservoirs and thundering cascades, was emphasized by a continuous string of lights installed on the embankment walls and careful use of floodlights at select locations.
Company Description
Experience in architectural lighting design for over 20 years.