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Interactive Media Sculpture The Cube

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  • Lead Designer
    Mykola Kabluka
  • Categories
    Winner in Interactive Lighting Projects
  • Location
    Kyiv, Ukraine
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The Cube has become the first large-scale media sculpture in Europe, which, using digital technologies, displays the rhythm of the city.
We live at the times when the boundaries between real and digital worlds are increasingly blurred. That encouraged us to create a dynamic sculpture that reflects the city's life in many ways.
Construction materials have evolved from traditional to digital.
As well, Kyiv has developed in many ways, from the times of the first settlements to the modern technological metropolis.
The Cube made of led screens sized 5*5m displays the dynamic shapes in a particular material.
Each form of the media sculpture in traditional material is generated through mathematical algorithms based on particular indicators from the city foundation up to the present.
And digital materials generate the shapes based on available Big Data such as data on weather, city traffic, air travel, and visually broadcast the pulse of the city online.
Interaction with the sculpture is also possible. There is a reduced sensory cube model touching it, a person can influence the shape of the digital sculpture and change it with his own hands, just as each citizen affects the rhythm of city