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Truman's Social Club

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company There's Light Limited
Lead Designers Fabio A P Cristini, Darran Prior
Other Designer's names Hunter's Daughter (interiors)
Other Credits Colin Ross (photography)
Completion Date October 2020
Project Location London, UK
Entry Description

Truman's Social Club is located inside a large industrial building, consisting of 3 separate bays: Brewery, Events Space, Social Club. Its inception is in response to social distancing, creating a space that accommodates a variety of seating areas that not only adhere to guidelines but provide reclusion from other parties. With this in mind, the lighting design took on the approach to bring in much required warmth to deliver a feeling of tranquillity and community to an intentionally sparsely occupied floor layout, assisting in wayfinding and zoning. The purposeful use of old fixtures to not only keep within a tight budget but meet environmental views on circular economy and ethical growth. With the customer journey at top of mind, we wanted to evoke a feeling of being in a festival, echoed throughout the spaces. A striking canopy of suspended pendants marks the entrance as well as way out into the beer garden, indirect lighting provides seclusion to large enclosed booths flanking the entrances and smaller ones beyond the bar area. The high level lighting is dimmable allowing focus onto the interior design features from "roundabout" with green foliage and central bar, to branding.
Company Description

Architectural lighting design studio based in London, merging lighting and technological innovation into design.

We believe in lighting - it has the ability to transform perceptions, guiding us through the spaces and narratives. With this premise in mind, we merge lighting with architectural interior design, with a view to achieving a seamless blend of art and functionalism.

We act independent of manufacturers, reaching most innovative lighting solutions. At times this calls to be bold and prominent, or dissimilarly understated, creating contrast, emphasising destinations.