Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

Odesa Food Market

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  • Lead Designer
    Mykola Kabluka
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    Winner in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
  • Location
    Odesa, Ukraine
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The lighting in the food market changes in sync with the sun to keep it active throughout the day. We have created different atmospheres with light and enhanced the interior architecture.
Restaurants often have different missions: some are dominated by the function of breakfast or lunch,others are created for the evening pastime. The task was to create the light that would provide comfort for breakfast,when you need to cheer up,and for a business lunch in the middle of the day, and for an atmospheric dinner, when you want to move to intimate places and have a drink in a darkened bar closer to night.
In the morning the light is cool, flooding and soft, by lunchtime it warms up and gradually shows accent spots on the tables, in the evening the light becomes more dramatic, without a flooding effect,with the most contrasting accents and nuanced work with shadows.
We revived the central element of the tree with light and scaled it to the entire space of the restaurant. With the help of several light sources,one tree was revealed with picturesque shadows over most of the circular vault. We selected the optics and the location of the light sources for the widest possible contrast shading.