Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

Muh Shoou Xixi Hotel, Hangzhou

  • Company
    Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co
  • Lead Designer
    Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co
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    Winner in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
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We proposed the concept of illumination by moonlight for this hotel.It is created based on environmental condition of ShoouXi Wetland Park, and decrease interference of artificial lighting as much as possible, while lessening its negative effect on people.Under such concept, find how did local space respond to the lighting environment, we also had to evaluate emotional changes of residents of hotel. Every light had to be carefully positioned, and its effect on human emotion should be maximized.We removed lighting from the range of people’s vision, since we aimed to maximize the natural view of Xixi, most lightings were installed in a lower height.Therefore added more plant lightings and illuminated decorations, hoping to generate layered lighting experience. erasing the uneasiness of the darkened environment around the hotel.we chose several locations in woods to install solar-powered lightings which could emit faint light at night. It reminded us of light of firefly.The natural scenery of the wetland of Xixi is both outward and inward features of the hotel. Through lighting, customers could grasp its meaning. Thus it becomes the key for the hotel to achieve sustainable management.