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Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting / Linear Lighting Systems / Solid State Lighting
Company A-Light
Lead Designers Francois Renaud, Dirk Zylstra, & Corina Ferezi
Completion Date June 2019
Project Location Oceanside, CA
Entry Description
WGD9 is a wall grazing luminaire with a high-efficiency reflector and custom designed diffuser that results in a powerful and uniform wall grazing effect. The WGD9’s uniformity, high-performance light engine and available options separate it from others on the market. The WGD9 has an industry leading wall uniformity rating of 8:1. Delivering up to 1091 lm/ft, with an efficacy of 112 lm/W, continuous rows of the WGD9 result in impressive uniform grazing on a 20’ wall. Designed with precision grazing in mind, the WGD9 optics provide an extremely narrow 7° beam that is carefully engineered to highlight surface textures with minimal hotspots and dead zones. The WGD9 is available with regressed gypsum or T-Bar installation option to create an elegant architectural design. The extruded housing is made up of durable, high quality 60% recycled aluminum. WGD9 is offered in standard 4', 8’, and 12' nominal lengths or can be specified in any exact length to the nearest foot, all that can be joined to create continuous rows. WGD9 is available in 3000K, 3500K or 4000K and 80+ or 90+ CRI. WGD9 enhances textures and brightens environments instantly and redefines how we visualize space.