Light Art Project


  • Lead Designer
    Shahab Zeiniaslan/Mostafa Shahoseini/Hamid Mozafar
  • Categories
    Winner in Light Art Project
  • Level
  • Location
    Gatchina, Russia, United Kingdom

Water is the most important element of human life. The role of water in human life is not limited to biological and physical phenomena. Also, philosophy and emotion in relation to water has history as human life. Despite a thousand physical and emotional functions of water, it made of just two molecules (oxygen and hydrogen) with simple triatomic bent. In my work, I want to say, how the combination of simple elements can have enormous function. My work includes three rings (the large ring symbol of Oxygen and small rings are representation of Hydrogen) and Interwoven UV thread nets as a thousand physical and emotional function of water. This work has designed for night time, but it will have own beauty in day time.