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E- Drum

Prize(s) Winners in Interactive Lighting Products / LED Lighting Products and Fixtures
University Hit - Holon Institute of Technology
Lead Designers Idan Herbet
Completion Date 21.09.2019
Project Location Israel
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Entry Description

E-DRUM is an interactive kinetic Electronic Drums show.

Inspired by a Jiro sphere.
the installation changes it’s shape and creates a dynamic environment for the drummer to perform in.

the E-DRUM brakes the barrier between sound light and space, each note translates into light.

Technical aspects:
330cm diameter stage , 60cm high,
3 metal rings:
The outer ring equipped with the latest ROBE lighting beam 150 moving light and LED 1light blinders use light as a form of reaching out with bursting energy.
The other 2 rings are equpied with various E drums.
Each Drum is emphesised with RGBW neon flex - dynamic pixel control (via DMX ).
Under the stage there are several effects such as cold fire pyro, smoke gazers and Par led that light up and make the whole stage glow.
The whole show is synced via time code and MIDI notes.

E-Drum was created to give the audience an extraordinary experience they was never seen before.

The challenges of the project were to connect the lighting and sound together and to allow the drummer to become an integral part of the installation, and all this to allow the audience one complete and immersive experience.