Street Lighting

Altitude 2.0

  • Company
    KIM Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Lawrence Li
  • Categories
    Winner in Street Lighting
  • Location
    Greenville, United States
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Altitude 2.0 is a low-profile, one-piece site luminaire in three sizes, 14 lumen packages and nine IES distributions. It features unique optics to decrease backlight to 9 percent (or 5 percent with the Backlight Control Option) for far less than typical type IV distributions of 20-30 percent in efficacies up to 148 Lumens per Watt. It is available in 3000K/90 CRI for applications where this is a prerequisite and includes an optional diffuse lens for improved visual comfort on type III and IV versions. The sleek and sophisticated, low-profile form of Altitude 2.0 seamlessly integrates into any application. The one-piece housing is available in three proportional sizes to support the strategy of using product families to carry a desired aesthetic throughout a project regardless of the application.