Street Lighting

iNELS Smart Pole

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  • Lead Designer
    David Polasek
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    Winner in Street Lighting
  • Location
    Holesov - Czech Republic, Czech Republic
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Smart street poles can regulate the brightness and dimming depending on the time of day and ambient conditions which together with the use of LED light sources significantly contribute to energy saving and protect the environment. The Smart poles communicate quickly and easily with the central control in the event of a fault; moreover, they can be effectively controlled remotely. They can incidentally perform additional range of functions - we can connect weather stations, emergency buttons, cameras, backlit info panel, various sensors or Wi-Fi transmitter - thus helping to increase comfort, awareness and, above all, safety in the streets of a smart city. Smart poles are perfectly modular, so it is possible to fit them only with selected elements. The whole product construction and its parts are made of high-quality materials for all outdoor conditions. In the future, it is possible to extend the features at any time by other selected modules.