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Sublimation: Sconce 301

Prize(s) Winners in Wall Sconces
Company Andrea Claire Studio
Lead Designers Andrea Claire
Completion Date May 2019
Project Location New York, NY
Entry Description
There is a magic moment during the design process, when a partially finished piece reveals itself to be full of potential. It’s something about unfinished state that seems most intriguing. We sought to highlight and de-construct this moment, and the idea of what it means to be finished, in The Sublimation collection, launched in the spring of 2019.
All sconces, chandeliers, and standing lamps in the collection use specifically shaped hand-blown glass we call The Oreb. Orebs come in 4” and 5’ sizes,are customizable, and can be made with an added gold or silver leaf base option, or partially or fully mirrored.
The Sconce 301 has (1) 4.5 watt dimmable LED bulb with its Oreb sitting on an ellipsoid base above an aluminium stem extending from the 6” diameter aluminium cover plate. Below the stem is a 5” stinger ending in a single point. According to your taste we can vary the levels of finish in each element.