Hanging Lights

Sleepless Architect

  • Company
    Yongwook Seong
  • Lead Designer
    Yongwook Seong
  • Categories
    Winner in Hanging Lights
  • Location
    Banff, Canada

"Architects never sleep."

Architects are well-known for their perfectionist trait and sleepless behaviour. The world is meticulously scrutinized by the architect as his/her eyes are lit up. The owl-like eyes tirelessly shed light during late nights. Two spheres are juxtaposed in the round shaped frame. These translucent spheres are designed to resemble a star's orbit and movement. The stars (lighting objects) then revolve around the universe of the architect (lighted space).

Materials: Anodized aluminum (frame), Translucent glass (spheres) and LED lights.

Specifications: 750mm (frame width), 280mm (frame height), 200mm (sphere width)