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A reimagination of the traditional linear fixture. Space balances light, dark, and the open air to create an extraordinary lighting tool.

Mechanical/System Overview:
• The core of fixture is two bodies, one an extruded aluminum housing, the other an extruded acrylic diffuser.
• Balanced geometry, all elements are square 1.25” profiles, separated by a gap of 1.25”
• The aluminum housing contains an internal light source that projects downwards through the open air to illuminate the acrylic diffuser
• The aluminum housing also has an optional indirect light source that projects upwards through a batwing optic.
• The fixture is available in 12” lengths from 24” to 96”
• The light sources available are the standard range of white light (2700K-4000K), as well as Color Changing and Active White sources

Features & Benefits:
• Proprietary technology
• No visible fasteners
• Engineered indirect batwing optic
• Node control RGBW up to 4” resolution
• Power and control is transferred through the suspension cables (no power cable)
• Optional frosted diffuser for direct view applications
• Distinct visual experience
• Scalable system
• Easy installation
• In field serviceable light source