• Company
    Eureka Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Eureka Lighting Design Team
  • Categories
    Winner in OLEDs
  • Location
    Montreal, Canada
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Echo is a decorative pendant luminaire. Echo utilizes advanced OLED technology as a light source to produce a comfortable, high quality light in a slim, low profile package. Perfect for subtle accenting of spaces such as reception desks or lounge areas, Echo is designed to increase ambient light levels in an unobtrusive way.

With its ultra thin OLED technology and slender shade profile, Echo provides a glare-free accent light in a minimalist modern package less than 2 inches high. It emits a soft, diffused light and is suited to decorative applications where natural light is unavailable or for places where quality light is important. With its elegant profile, Echo can be hung individually for chic sophistication or in multiples.

“OLED technology challenges traditional luminaire design. It eliminates the need to consider parts that are usually essential like heat sinks and optical elements,” said Francois Renaud, Director of Design at Eureka. “This allowed us to play with thinness and to focus our creativity in giving character to this basic flat round OLED panel.”

Echo is available with canopy mounting or track system options, and with black or white fine-textured finishes.