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Prize(s) Winners in Ceiling Lights
Company Litecontrol
Lead Designers Mike Conroy
Completion Date 2/1/19
Project Location United States
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Entry Description
A typical recessed LED troffer features a back-lit LED solution with a diffuser spaced away from the source. Lighting designers are frequently frustrated by the limitations associated with this standard template, which opened the door for the engineers at Litecontrol to think creatively about a product that would change the paradigm.
Through laser etched, acrylic light guides, the light in Vora is emitted in a uniform manner across the entire surface of the fixture. By using this unique edge-lit design, “hot spots” that plague standard troffers are eliminated without any sacrifice to performance. Sizes ranging from 1x1, 1x2, 1x4 to 2x2 and 2x4 allow for versatility in any space. Lighting designers are particularly interested in the unique 1x1. To maintain visual consistency, the width of the center mixing chamber is visually scaled to reflect the overall size of the fixture - 2 inch in 1 foot widths and 4 inch for 2 foot widths.