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Prize(s) Winners in Ceiling Lights
Company Prescolite
Lead Designers Tim Farrell
Completion Date 5/1/19
Project Location United States
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Entry Description
The LITEISTRY Architectural Downlighting product family offers a broad palette of luminaires that provide consistency in appearance and performance – thus complementing the solution, not becoming the focus. LITEISTRY delivers 50 degree shielding of the source and source image creating a truly quiet ceiling solution. Along with a quiet aperture, the optical design delivers a wide range of beam distributions with high efficacies. These distributions are carried across the downlights and cylinder products to again provide consistency in performance. The open wall wash products, available across all round aperture sizes, deliver superior visual uniformity on vertical surfaces while achieving a consistent appearance between the aperture sizes. Single, double and corner solutions are included in the portfolio – including the 3 inch aperture size. The adjustable accent solutions provide up to 35 degree vertical and 362 degree horizontal rotation with translating center beam optics to ensure the beam is always aimed through the center of the aperture. This enhances performance on the wall and eliminates glare at the aperture.