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Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Wall Lighting
Company Targetti
Lead Designers Targetti, Gensler
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Costa Mesa, CA
Project Link View
Entry Description
Inspired by the paintings of Mark Rothko, whose work focused on the tension between positive and negative fields created by a perceived sense of light, the product is a minimal yet elegant lighting solution designed to light pathways. The product creates a strong architectural statement while adding nuance and detail to a form that is otherwise ordinary.

The light produced by the product is discrete, deep, and wide—all while creating different natural and spontaneous lighting atmospheres that are strong and sharp, allowing light to flow and the architecture to be accentuated. Its glow leads nocturnal movements in private contexts, while the clear and incisive effect it produces reassures footsteps on outside paths.

Its innovative solution makes it possible to conform to strict light pollution regulations while meeting the lighting demands of different contexts and conditions. The product’s versatility extends to a full palette of architectural colors and finishes.