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Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Wall Lighting
Company L&L Luce&Light srl
Lead Designers L&L Luce&Light srl
Completion Date 13/09/2019
Project Location Povolaro di Dueville (Vicenza - Italy)
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Entry Description

Intono - Voice-responsive light and sound, in tune with its surroundings

L&L new wall-mounted fixture for outdoor applications has a simple, elegant design and features three innovative characteristics: the ability to blend in and to play music together with smart-speaker compatibility.

Intono is able to blend into the background: in addition to the four standard finishes, it is also available with a primer coating, so that the fixture’s surface can be finished in the same wall paint as the wall it’s attached to.

Intono is also smart because it can communicate with smart speakers, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, over Wi-Fi using the ZigBee protocol – you can change both music and lighting scenes with quick voice commands.

Last, but not least, Intono is a “musical” lamp because it can house a speaker that will play your Spotify or Amazon Music playlists.