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Linea Acoustic Pendant

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company Luxxbox
Lead Designers Jason Bird
Completion Date March 2019
Entry Description
Linea offers sleek noise reduction for productive and healthy workplaces. The Linea acoustic lighting system boasts class leading LED performance as well as superior acoustic properties, significantly reducing reverberated noise. Made from a minimum of 65% recycled plastics, Linea is also 100% recyclable.

Unique to Linea, internal magnets and complementary ends allow multiple fixture to be easily connected supporting infinite run lengths for highly effective noise reduction and illumination. The specifically designed ribbed finish of Linea effectively triples the fixture’s surface area, bolstering its acoustical performance. Making full use of the void between ceiling and surfaces below, Linea capitalizes on wasted space in open plan design with high-output, functional LED illumination. . Serving this dual-purpose, Linea offers a more cost-effective acoustic solution than traditional methods, outperforming ceiling and wall-mounted acoustic treatments of similar size and material because both sides of the pendant are exposed, doubling functional surface area for noise absorption.