Track Lighting

Glint Hero

  • Company
    Glint (Luminaire Manufacturer)
  • Lead Designer
    Whipsaw (Industrial Design Company)
  • Categories
    Winner in Track Lighting
  • Location
    Burlingame, United States

Glint Hero is the first luminaire to give users the ability to aim light in any direction without tilting the luminaire itself. Hero is installed in a fixed position. Users can manipulate a built-in joystick on the front of the luminaire to aim the light in any direction. Effective glare control and slim form factor allow Hero to virtually disappear when installed as a hanging pendant, on a track, or recessed in a ceiling. With little to no glare from the bright LEDs, attention is focused only on what’s most important.

The Hero design never needs to tilt or swivel allowing multiple luminaires in a space to be perfectly aligned with one another, something no competitor can achieve with lights that need to aim in multiple directions.

A simple joystick on the front of the Hero design offers an intuitive way of adjusting and aiming light in any direction.

Simple colors, hidden fasteners, and unibody design give Hero a thoughtful and sophisticated aesthetic.

Offered in rectangular or rounded designs, users can choose a body style that fits best with either strong architectural environments or consumer retail spaces.