Ambient Lighting

The Park

  • Company
    Lighting Design Atelier
  • Lead Designer
    Ting Yu Ng
  • Categories
    Winner in Ambient Lighting
  • Location
    Singapore, Singapore

Imagine the sound of ocean waves, the serene view of leaves dancing in the wind, the refreshing feeling of dipping your feet into a pool – these are just a few experiences that have universal appeal. Being amongst nature has an uncanny way of soothing us and making us feel at peace. Biophilia design which is the inherent connection that human beings have with nature and green spaces, has become a trend when creating work spaces. Modern day-to-day living keeps us indoors for much of the day. Biophilic design conceptualises spaces in a way that acknowledges the human need to connect with nature. It weaves in natural elements into everyday spaces, triggering positive biological responses.

Utilising natural materials, such as wood, stone, granite, cork, and marble in the design in Shanghai. Each of these materials can be incorporated as finishes on the likes of pillars, shelving, cupboards and desks, though wooden furniture is a very durable and readily available option to consider. Adding a touch of down lightings onto the raw material illuminates a constant glow, definitive outlines and yet warmth and elegance within the room and complementary floor-to-ceiling panorama window.