Ambient Lighting

Lighting Meet Fashion

  • Company
    Aart. At Design
  • Lead Designer
    Yan Liu
  • Categories
    Winner in Ambient Lighting
  • Location
    Shanghai, China

Fashion is an attitude. It means constantly renovation, development, and redefinition.
This mixed - use fashion boutique-gallery is in the historic center of Shanghai.
We try to create a series of Live fashion Show in a static and dynamic way, with the flow of time.
While static lighting, among the art-deco style and raw architectural elements (raw concrete, concave wall, dark green frame window, dark brown herringbone parquet,… ),the lighting fades seamlessly. Custom-made lighting fittings elements (the lighting membranes, lines, spot,…), participate harmoniously in this architectural style. The lighting is visible, when it becomes actor in each scene, but also “invisible”, when it co-exists harmoniously with the architecture.
While dynamic lighting by control, it accompany the various life of the gallery in different moments of functions (shop, exhibition, event, salon ...). It makes the space quiet, dynamic, mysterious, pleasant, …

Here, lighting express space, material, dialogue with models, visitors and the city… We can find different scenes, atmospheres in each corner, in front of each mirror,… With the flow of time, live fashion shows are on stage and be continued…